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Experience combined with local knowledge and wealth of resources allow me to give my clients added value.

As Executor of an estate and Trustee of a trust, I made two decisions with positive results:

    1. One of the properties needed to be sold for tax purposes. Timing in the real estate world is critical. My insistence that everyone involved act swiftly allowed the realtor to do her job without delay. The property sold in one week with multiple offers, over the asking price and closed within 45 days.  My "insider's" familiarity with the local real estate industry and negotiating skills netted the estate more money.

    2. Getting a good price on the above property made it possible to keep another property in the portfolio.  The rental property needed upgrading and remodeling due to extensive deferred maintenance.  Tackling a remodeling project is normally out of the scope of most attorneys; with my contacts in the building trade, overseeing the project was just another part of the job. Knowing how much to spend and where to allocate the funds resulted in a good return for the expenditure. With the remodeling completed, the home has been leased (for $2300 more than the original rental income).

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Often, the trustee or executor is paralyzed with indecision because the role can be daunting and thankless.

Years ago, as the attorney for a young boy who had inherited a home a Los Altos, I fought for keeping possession of the home. The home had suffered damage due to a fire. The judge suggested selling the property. I convinced the judge that values in Los Altos would go up over time. Eventually, this property was sold at twice the previous value.

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